Changing the client API URL manually


You may wish to change the API URL manually if you want to switch between development and live environments or are testing several endpoints.



Please note that changing the URL when the client has outstanding uncompleted jobs can cause those unfinished files to fail uploading and remain on the disk until manually removed.  It will also cause information about the client in the Administration Panel to become stale and outdated.  Once the URL has changed the client will connect with the new API and only files uploaded from this point will be directed to the new API.



First you should check if this machine has any pending jobs from the Administration Panel, if this is the case you may wish to consider escalating the priority on these jobs to allow them to complete before continuing. 

  1. Ensure the new URL is correct and begins with HTTPS.  The clients only support HTTPS protocol for uploading HTTP addresses will be ignored and the client will not function.
  2. Navigate to the URL to ensure you have the correct address, this should end in 'Medialogix.svc' and you should see a landing page if correct.
  3. Now navigate to 'C:\ProgramData\Medialogix\APIConfig.xml' and open in notepad.
  4. This file can sometimes be encrypted based on the initial install settings, in any case you will need to clear the text file and replace the content with the below XML.  Please note that the file does not need to be reencrypted.

    <API><DesktopUploader apiUrl="https://YOURURLHERE/Medialogix.svc" HTTPS="True" /></API>

  5. Replace 'YOURURLHERE' with the correct IP/Hostname ensuring everything else remains the same.
  6. Save the file and close.
  7. Navigate to 'C:\ProgramData\Medialogix\DesktopClient' and remove the following files from the directory...

    AllUsers.xml, FullComputer.xml, FullTemplates.xml, LookupConfiguration.xml, Auditer.xml, Translation.xml

  8. Once these files have been removed restart your machine and reload the client application.
  9. Your application should now be registered on the new API.

Occasionally the above does not reset the client, to overcome this we recommend you uninstall and reinstall the client and follow the above steps before starting or restarting the client PC.


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